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Kelken Incinerator

Best Putting Ball on the Market!

  • Special Aerodynamic Patented Technology
  • Approved by USGA
  • Helps Reduce Hook & Slice
  • Gives You a Longer, Straighter Drive!
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The Incinerator Golf Ball
Is Approved by the USGA

We also guarantee that this is the best putting ball on the market due to the resistance on the putting green.

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Our Customers Are Raving

Hear from our satisfied customers who are thrilled with how our products have improved their game.

"Game Changer - Game Changer - Game Changer"

I wanted to let you and your company know your new "Incinerator Golf Ball" is a "GAME CHANGER".

I have attended the PGA Merchandise Show for over 35 years and I have taught golf on all levels during that time. I have seen many of the leading game improvement items for all of those years while attending the show, and that number is in the thousands.

Your Incinerator Golf Ball is as straightens out shots and it is USGA approved. I have never seen anything so dramatic to help any golfer with his or her game. The design is meticulous and the dimple pattern is unique, so I can see why you have patented this ball.

Just to let you know, I did extensive testing also on the putting green and in chipping around the green. Your ball rolls true and has that soft feel in touch coming off the face of the club as a Pro V1. It was simply "cool" to see golf playing characteristics I have never seen before in the game of golf.

This is going to present a tectonic shift in the golf industry and for all levels of golfers. For those just starting the game it will keep them in the game and on the course with much more enjoyable days playing golf.

Great Job and Congratulations on a job well done. Greatest Game Changer in all of my years in the Golf World.

Randy Weckerly
The Distillery Channel

“I recently ordered a set if the incinerator golf balls based off of something i saw on a YouTube channel called Mr. short game. He talked about how the unique dimple pattern reduces slicing and i thought hey i slice why not give them a shot. I am happy to say I really enjoyed playing these golf balls, out of 2 rounds i only lost 2 which is unheard of for me. They played very well off of the green and had plenty of spin, and felt soft off the putter. The biggest seller for me was the customer service, Kelley Peregoy personally reached out to me multiple times both after ordering them and after they shipped to check up on how i liked them. I felt very appreciated and i will continue to give my support to smaller companies that provide these awesome products.”

- Sergio Q

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