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Pro Air Grip Glove


The Pro Air Grip glove is the innovation of Kelley Peregoy, a golf instructor in Dunn, North Carolina. He invented The Pro Air Grip glove concept one day while he was teaching a student who could not keep from over-gripping his club. As a result, his drives were errant and short. Kelley realized that he could solve this problem by inventing a golf glove, lined with tiny air pockets that would soften his student’s grip. The student’s game was vastly improved, and Kelley realized he had improved upon a product that had remained unchanged the last 25 years. We believe in making an exceptional product that exceeds our customer’s expectations. That’s why every glove comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Our glove is made with our patented Air-Glove Technology. This technology lines the inside of the glove with tiny air pockets that can isolate the club from being gripped too tightly, resulting in a lighter, more relaxed grip. Our patented technology is specifically designed to result in longer, straighter, more consistent drives


Every single panel of our patented glove is reinforced with double-backstitched nylon seams, one of the strongest seams known to man. This glove is designed for durability, and designed to last for years of consistent play.


Our glove features perforated fingers that accomplish two important goals: First, the perforation allows your hand to remain cool, so you can wear it comfortably all day long. Second, the perforation gives flexibility to your fingers, ensuring you can adequately grip the club.